Which school to choose: Private or Public?

Have you ever had to deal with the excruciating choice of which type of school might be better for your child: public, or private? Well, look no further, for the perfect essay has come! Choosing whether to enroll a child in a public or a private school is the first and most important choice a parent must make because it can impact their child’s overall education. Some important points to think about while making this decision include the dress code, social environment, and most importantly, cost. Though public schools may not prevail in all of the categories listed, it does win in most, leaving it as the sure winner.  

The first point that many children will think about when choosing a school is the dress code, so why should parents not consider it too? In private schools, your child is required to wear a uniform, which has some positives, such as not having to pick out an outfit for each day, not having to worry about getting bullied, and no longer having to worry about buying the right brand-name clothes to fit in at school. However, in most public schools, you do not have to wear the same constant attire, and a pupil can express themselves through clothing as an individual, instead of having to wear the same boring outfit again and again. My point is, uniforms do not allow students to express their difference and their individuality to the crowd. This outweighs any positives to uniforms, leaving public schools the winner in this category.

The second thing to consider in this comparison is the surrounding social group. Private schools tend to be pickier about choosing students, so you are more likely to find well-behaved pupils or at least students with good grades for your child to talk to and learn from, not just the teacher. Whereas, in public schools, your child could find a vast variety of students, each with different experiences, diverse backgrounds, and different learning experiences. There is an equal chance of finding children from whom your child can learn a lot from, and children that might have a bad influence on them. So it is safer to stick to private school enrollment if you desire a better learning environment for your child.

The last and most crucial element in making this decision is the cost. In public schools, there is no expense to send your child to school, which can take a load off your shoulders while still delivering the expected education. On the other hand, private schools do have a cost of around $6, 000 to $12,000, depending on the grade. Also, you could be just as successful in the long-run if you choose to go to a public school, as it depends mainly on how hard you work to achieve a good education. Plus, with all that saved money, you could use some to buy textbooks for your child to work on when outside of school and books to heighten their vocabulary! 

To summarize, though public schools lack a chosen community of students, money and the necessity to wear uniforms could be spared if you choose to register your child in a public school. Students have the chance to be as successful in public schools and can benefit themselves through expressive clothing and an individualized personal appearance. Without a doubt, public schools are the way to go, so go ahead and register your child in one.