Robots Might Replace Your Teacher Soon

Remote-controlled and humanoid robots, mind-power-using headbands, and VR goggles are not a common find in schools these days, but in the future might be able to change the way students and teachers work in the classroom.

The mind power headband(it looks like a regular headband) lets students power computer games with their minds! The headband records electrical signals from students’ brains as they complete different activities that are designed to either help them sharpen their concentration skills or relax. The computer measures the students’ brain signals, and the measurements control the action on the screen—depending on the goal, the level of brain activity determines the outcome. The signals can even move toy cars around a track! This gadget could serve as a daily necessity for students, a fashion accessory and a learning gadget, with the students having them on at all times.

Robots are also helping students work with their classmates when they can’t be physically present in the classroom. Telepresence robots, which are tablet computers on wheels, are controlled remotely by students from home or a hospital bed. Equipped with a wireless Internet connection, telepresence robots can zoom around schools or hospitals, letting students interact with teachers and classmates through the tablet’s webcam. In the future, bots could replace teachers and other typical learning necessities and activities, such as calculators, textbooks, or even those daily lectures that come from teachers.

The VR goggles could provide less need for field trips. Much like an online multi-player video game, students can explore real locations vicariously through avatars, or digital characters, and interact via text or voice technology with students from other schools who are simultaneously exploring the virtual location!

These gadgets are a rare find in present-day classrooms, but experts predict that soon, they will become common. The high-tech classroom you’ve always dreamed of might soon become a reality.

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