Surprising Scholarships

There’s a lot of scholarships out there for college-bound students who can solve a geometric proof or score a touchdown. But not all scholarships are won by academics or athletics. Many organizations offer alternative and unusual ways to win scholarships, yielding a different way for students to achieve a scholarship.

Duck noises are encouraged at the annual Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. Named after champion duck callers Chick and Sophie Major, the contest awards scholarships to students that can use four different convincing duck calls in 90 seconds. The student deemed to have the most realistic duck calls of the year receives a $2,000 scholarship!

Many scholarship contests require applicants to write an essay, but the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship requires them instead to write about what they would do if flesh-eating zombies took over their high school or college. To apply for this scholarship, students ages 13 or older must write a short essay explaining their survival plan if this apocalypse were to happen. The student judged to have the most creative and valid survival plan receives $2,000 to put towards college tuition.

Budding fashion designers should check out the Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest sponsored by the makers of Duck Brand Duct Tape. Students ages 14 and up that enter the contest have to design and create their wear, entirely out of duct tape. Students that enter will only need multiple rolls of multi-coloured duct tape, lots of spare time, and original design. Two $10,000 grand prizes are awarded annually-one for a dress and one for a tux. Contestants must submit at least one photo of themselves wearing their creations to be eligible to win a scholarship.

If you’ve got a knack for writing and can compare yourself to an ice cream flavour-then this scholarship is for you. To have a shot at the Flavor of the Month Scholarship, students ages 13 and up need to write an essay about which ice cream flavour matches their personality and why. This competition gives students another different approach to win money for college: The winner gets $1,500.

Famed Italian artist Michelangelo sculpted impeccable creations out of marble, but he didn’t have to worry that his masterpieces would melt. Each year, a company called Elegant Ice Creations offers a scholarship to a student whose dream is to pursue a career as an ice sculptor. To apply, students send in letters explaining why their work is worthy of a scholarship, letters of recommendation from their teachers, and photos demonstrating their ice-sculpting skills. The winner receives $1,000 worth of ice sculpting equipment!

That’s just a small sample out of the large range of unusual scholarship opportunities available. If you’re interested in getting some cash for college, go online and check out the plethora of profitable options. Chances are, you’ll find one that offers a reward for your unique talents.

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