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    Get Some Sleep!

    If you had a choice between eating broccoli or chocolate, you’d be most likely to choose chocolate, even though you know it is not as healthy. Many of us choose to do something that’s not good for us even when we know there’s a healthier alternative, which is why many of us don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep. A professor with a classroom full of sleep-deprived students at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, found out that just telling his students that sleep is important wasn’t enough, he had to show them. It’s not as if Professor Michael Scullin’s students were sleep-drooling on their desks for the duration of his…

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    Robots Might Replace Your Teacher Soon

    Remote-controlled and humanoid robots, mind-power-using headbands, and VR goggles are not a common find in schools these days, but in the future might be able to change the way students and teachers work in the classroom. The mind power headband(it looks like a regular headband) lets students power computer games with their minds! The headband records electrical signals from students’ brains as they complete different activities that are designed to either help them sharpen their concentration skills or relax. The computer measures the students’ brain signals, and the measurements control the action on the screen—depending on the goal, the level of brain activity determines the outcome. The signals can even…

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    “You Must Collect Things for Reasons You Don’t Yet Understand.”

    When it was founded in 1972, no one would have guessed that the ‘Frozen Zoo’, the largest animal cryobank in the world located at the San Diego Zoo in California, would serve a purpose, but as science became more complex, the important uses for the zoo were uncovered; the cells in the tissues that were stored in the zoo could be transformed into stem cells that could be used to save species, the cells could be cloned, and the cells could even help law enforcement! One of the purposes the Frozen Zoo serves is that scientists can use the stem cells created from the cells and tissues to build any type…

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    Celebrating Independence Around the World

    Many countries around the world have Independence Days. Some similar, and some different, but each Independence Day is different in their unique way, if through how it came to be, how they celebrate the day, or when it took place. Filipinos had a very complicated creation of their Independence Day. In the late 19th century, rebel groups began fighting for autonomy against the Spanish rule, and many of them were killed fighting. In 1898, Spain went to war with the U.S., and the rebels felt that the American government supported them. On June 12, 1898, the rebel groups brazenly issued a declaration of independence. They were not successful; as part…

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    How to Learn a New Skill in Art and Why You Should

    Have you ever wondered how people acquire artistic talent? Do you wish to also take pride in being good at some form of art?  Today I will be discussing the meaning of the phrase ‘good at art’, how you can find a way to be good at art and why you should, and when to use art. I promise that by the end of this speech, you will know what good art is, all it takes to become a good artist, and why it can affect the world. You have probably heard one or more people in your life throw around the phrase, ‘good at art’. But what exactly does…

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    Why Chores Are the Best Thing for Children

    What if all children were able to do chores responsibly without having to be bribed or forced into doing? Children should be able to resist the urge to ask for payment because chores are relevant to cleaning the space they live in. Although often debated amongst children, chores are much more suitable for youth than purposeless pastimes such as television because they encourage self-reliance and teach valuable life skills, unlike television, which only harms the eyes and delays teaching responsibility. Chores help kids learn self-reliance by letting them perform tasks around the house that strengthens their ability and may help kids later in life in times of need. Tasks that…

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    Why Zoos Stink More than the New Star Wars

    Imagine if you spent your entire life trapped behind bars, with a limited amount of food each day, and little space to move. Unfortunately, that is the reality for millions of animals around the world, who, like any creature, are made to move freely, not be held in a fixed area with people creepily staring at them. Zoos should be banned because they contribute to animal cruelty. Zoos are the opposite of beneficial for animals, as they would thrive more in their natural habitat instead of an enclosure. An example of this is the lifeline of elephants in their natural habitat compared to ones in zoos. Elephants in zoos live…

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    Which school to choose: Private or Public?

    Have you ever had to deal with the excruciating choice of which type of school might be better for your child: public, or private? Well, look no further, for the perfect essay has come! Choosing whether to enroll a child in a public or a private school is the first and most important choice a parent must make because it can impact their child’s overall education. Some important points to think about while making this decision include the dress code, social environment, and most importantly, cost. Though public schools may not prevail in all of the categories listed, it does win in most, leaving it as the sure winner.   The…

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    Why the White Bellbird is the Best Thing Since the Airhorn

    “The reason birds can fly and we cannot is simply because they have perfect faith, for faith is to have wings.” However, for this bird, it is not about the flight, it is about the sound. The white bellbird may not be well-known, but it will be soon, for its cry cannot be missed! With its dazzling white feathers and deafening call, this bird is certain to sweep an individual off their feet! Or to be exact, make them go partly deaf. Male white bellbirds have the loudest mating birdsong ever recorded with a measure of up to an astonishing 125.4 dB, louder than even a chainsaw! Before researchers recorded…

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    A Day’s Worth of Origami and Boredom.

    Today I was bored because of you-know-what: the stay-home order that has been keeping people at home and breaking my heart. So I thought, why not make some origami? After all, the only things I’ve been doing are browsing YouTube, looking at cute cat videos and whatnot. So I got started, and the boring childish hobby I had always thought it was, instantly became a relaxing and enjoyable pastime. Maybe you could also find fun in it too. My point is, there are many fun things for you to do, even when it seems like you are stuck in the empty abyss of boredom.